Wheels and Tires



Need a spare?  Have a blowout?  We stock wheels and tires of all sizes and weight ratings. From 18.5x8 to ST235 85 R16 G, we have a variety of tires and can mount them on your wheels or you can stop in and quickly grab a pre-mounted unit. 




Common Wheel and Tire sizes we typically have IN STOCK


235-85-R16 G

235-80-R16 E 

225-75-R15 D OR E

205-75R14 C OR D

175-85-R13 C

20.5X8X10 E AKA 205-65-R10 E





Load Range, What does it mean? 

Tires are made of layers, sort of like plywood. The load range is a simplified way to express the number of Plys that a tire is made up of. 

Load Range B=4 ply, Load Range C=6 ply, Load Range D=8 ply, Load Range E=10 ply, Load Range F=12 ply, Load Range G=14 ply. 

We also stock Wheels from 8" to 16" in painted steel, galvanized and aluminum